The Employer Entry #2

February 6, 2019

I worry that this already occurred with too much ease. She seemed to find me as I sought her. I knew that my prediction in location based on the wine could lead to a stay at home mom who desired a particular wine. Wineries don’t make wine for one person, but it turned out that even with the probability of failure I found She. As I stated earlier, it feels more like She found me. I still need to recover all of Hank’s recordings to know anything for sure, but we enjoyed an evening of bantering between her friends and us. I don’t think she knows who I am, or that I sought her out, but she welcomed me in with a smile. Who knew such a dangerous creature could disarm one with a smile.

This is why I need to be careful. I can’t fall as Hank did, though Hank could best many of my men in hand to hand combat, the influence of an attractive person cripples the greatest warriors. So, I must prepare myself, but how do you prepare for an opponent that you know so little about? The only information that anyone found on her, until recent events, came from the evidence she left on her kills. Unlike the stereotypical female killers, she doesn’t use poison often and is a minimalist when it comes to the use of weapons. The worst damage is done to the man’s face. She only kills men as far as I have seen. I sent a female employee of mine to find her, though I haven’t heard from her in over a year. She kills and leaves the body in the open, but what does She do with those who live?

I tried to get her name at the bar the other night, but I could tell by the way she said, Barbara, that it wasn’t her real name. We say our names over and over to the point where if we try to lie about our name the notes sound different from our normal inflections. I need to know how Hank died to fill in more information on how she kills. The autopsy once more showed no signs of fatal wounds, the victims do not bleed out, and there is no sign of cardiovascular damage. The morticians always comment that they shouldn’t have died because they showed no signs of sickness. 

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