The Employer Entry #1

   January 27, 2019

         I came to a resolution the other night. I must find She. I have many assets, but She could become my most powerful and influential ally. She seemed to go dark for a month and a half with no kills that showed her marks. I found my way into the area where her last kill took place. The police still have it ruled as an accident, but I know her signs when I see them. She likes to kill from afar, which keeps her away from suspicion. Her ingenious in the coverup of her kills is what could make her a valuable asset in my employment. Her kills always show up as an area of irritated skin but with no sign of the toxins she used. The only way I know of her methods is because she attacked and killed one of my employees that I sent to find her. He found her but did not tell me in time and fell into her allure. He realized what she did to him just in time for his corpse to end up on the doorstep of my office building.

Luckily since I was here, I got the information I needed from him. She was a woman about my age, and she often found herself attracted to successful men that led in their area of expertise. I think that She realized my asset was not in the top tiers of my forces and killed him off. I don’t know the information he divulged to her in his enamor, but I prefer to assume the worst. Now I must find her on my own and convince her to become one of my assets. I have no personal interests in She, but only business opportunities that come with her specific skills. I begin these records because I know I start in a dangerous direction. I am not so arrogant to believe my fate will be any better than that of my associate. I would dismiss her if she weren’t such an added strength to my arsenal. I have too many moving in and out of my protection, and She could change all of that for me.

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