Strange Times

February 3, 2019

            It’s weird that my mom is already taking me to meet this man she started to see. We are going to a Super Bowl party at his place and I don’t know what to expect. All she has explained about the man is that he is amazing, which doesn’t really tell me much. I don’t really have a choice not to go, because I don’t trust the man that she met only a short time ago. With my mom’s reaction to the announcement of my girlfriend Veronica I was hesitant to invite her, but to my surprise, mom said yes. I’m just hoping that it’s not too awkward of a situation for Veronica.

            I tried to look into the death of my therapist a little bit. I just get a strange feeling every time I think about it.  I want to say it feels like my heart twists a little when I think about it. The same feeling comes to me whenever I think of Hank’s death. Pain scorches through my leg as the memory flows through my mind. I don’t know why a body would continue to torture itself well after the healing process has ended. Back to my point. I quickly realized that I don’t have the connections to properly investigate, so now I work through his social media pages to try and see if he really would have gone hiking on his own. From what I see on his Instagram is just motivational quotes on random scenery backdrops. While the scenery is beautiful, none of it is of the mountains, in fact, every picture is of the sea. I wonder if he came from one of the coasts, or if he just wanted to retire there. He always talked big on visualization, which I think is ridiculous. 

            Well, I’m going to wish myself luck on the party tonight and see how my mom interacts with my girlfriend. I know they have two completely different personalities, but I just hope they don’t kill each other because of that. 

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