Truth Be Told

January 27, 2019

            I don’t want to believe that my therapist died. Some hikers found his body in a mountain ravine that was pretty close to my house. The news report claims that he died from the fall and that the damage to his face came from a mountain lion’s claws. Speculation of the reporter created a scenario where the mountain lions initial attack caused the fall and then it finished the kill once my therapist laid still in the snow. The newscaster advised for hikers to stay away from that trail as it seems to be dangerous. I don’t know why you would want to go hiking in the mountains with so much snow up there, but people are crazy. While it sucks that my therapist died, I feel a little better that he didn’t ghost me. I wonder why he went up the trail, because he never mentioned anything about hiking being one of his interests. I guess therapists probably don’t tell you everything about themselves even though they ask you to tell them everything about yourself. That wasn’t the only strange event to happen this week.

            My mom said she met someone at the bar the other night. I didn’t know people did that anymore. It’s all about online dating for my generation. Everyone seems too afraid to walk up to a stranger and risk flirting with them. Basically, all the cute girls have boyfriends already, or so they tell me they do. Online dating lets you know that at least they are looking for someone. Anyways, luckily, I don’t think she brought him home because I saw her stumble in alone and a little drunk that night. I watched a big black SUV drive away as I peeked through my blinds to see if she drove home drunk.

A SL and PoS post.

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