Generation Gap

January 20, 2019

            My mom tried to take away my video game privileges as if I were a child. While I know I am technically her child, that doesn’t mean she needs to treat me like I’m nine again. I don’t know what caused the change. She was the one who bought me all of the video game systems in the first place, and she continues to pay for more games. I don’t get why she flipped on me. Though my response came out rude I got my meaning across easily. I haven’t written this before, but with more freedom she hasn’t wanted me going out and meeting people. The only connection I find with the outside world is through online video games. Those people don’t know me for who I really am, but they only know me by my gamertag B_Conscience. It sounds deep and thoughtful, but it’s really just a reference to an Eminem song. People usually only pick up on it when I tell them my first name is Brady. But basically I defended my video games as my only source of interactions, though I didn’t tell her about Veronica. My mom backed off after I snapped at her. I felt bad afterwards, but I haven’t apologized yet. I probably should apologize.

            I did already apologize to Veronica about not letting her into my life more. I guess the situation sounds weird for a 28-year-old to be living with his mother. Veronica seemed concerned when I first told her, but after I explained how I got to that point she seemed to relax. Veronica asked when I planned to start working again. I didn’t tell her that the thought of working hadn’t crossed my mind yet. I told her that I started looking, but no one has called to interview a broken penguin yet. While I lied at the time, I did put in some applications to fast food places. I hate the food industry, but they always seem in need of help. So, I guess I kinda lied, but now have applications in to multiple businesses. I even applied to work as a janitor at my therapist’s office to try and see if I could figure out where he went. The secretary still says he is out of town. She sounded worried, but didn’t say anything about what caused the worried tone. Maybe the therapist just didn’t want to see me. I’m kinda sad at that, because he was a chill guy. Maybe my complaints snapped his last neuron of sanity and he just left. No, I can’t believe that. He told me he looked forward to our next visit, though it never came.

A SL and PoS post.

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