The Journey Begins

To anyone that may read this story:

If you know me personally, then I must begin by saying that this is a work of fiction. Please do not attribute anything I write here to the reality of my life. All of the greatest stories use actual facts. So you may see information that looks familiar or that I may use as a reference from my experiences, it does not mean they happened to me. If you find yourself genuinely concerned about my well-being, please contact me.

I created this story off of an idea I gained from my father. I appreciate my family and friends for their support, and often unknown to them, the inspiration for characters and story plots.

To new readers:

I hope you can enjoy my style of writing and find the desire to share my work with others. I hope to grow my audience as I work towards my goal of becoming a published writer. I write a new post every week, so each section is an evolution and not a copy and paste from a previously written story. I may not post on time every week, but keep your eyes open come Sunday evening.

“It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.” -Joseph Conrad, The Heart of Darkness


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